Claudia Olds Goldie

Claudia fell in love with pre-Columbian and Olmec ceramic figures when she was a child. Over the course of her career, she has used this interest as a springboard to produce a distinct body of work that explores both waking and dreaming states. She deploys her imagination, intuition, visual memory, and anatomical knowledge to create figures that tell stories about our perceptions of beauty, aging, and the things we carry—both physically and metaphorically—all through the subtleties of facial expression and body language. Her ceramic figures hold objects that have powerful connections to them. These objects may be made of clay or other materials, such as fabric, fiber, rope, wire, resin, and wood.

What brings these pieces even greater life and complexity is their surface detail. Viewing Sol Lewitt’s exhibition of wall drawings at Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art in 2010 inspired Claudia to draw patterns in graphite pencil on her high fired, unglazed, sculptural work. In this respect, the surface is not derived by traditional ceramic glazing or staining techniques, but by a more innovative and explorative cold process. Drawing in graphite allows her to work meticulously within a monochromatic range of grays to further emphasize movement, form, pattern, and, at times, to add yet another intriguing layer of narrative.

Claudia has shown nationally in shows such as the NCECA Biennial, SOFA Chicago, numerous State of Clay National Juried exhibitions, Ohio Craft Museum’s “Figure It” Invitational, and “Contemporary Figurative Sculpture” at Santa Fe Clay Gallery.

She has received a number of awards, including the Boston SAC Artist Award, and Best of Show and Best Sculpture at the State of Clay Biennial Exhibitions. She was awarded a Kiln God Residency from Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts, a Fellowship for residency at the Vermont Studio Center, and a nomination for a Boston Foundation Brother Thomas fellowship.

Claudia received her BFA from Boston University College of Fine Arts and teaches figurative sculpture at the Harvard Ceramics Program. Her work has been published in 500 Figures in Clay Volumes 1 and 2 by Nan Smith; Sculpting Clay, and Low Fire and Other Ways to Work in Clay, by Leon Nigrosh; Ceramics Monthly magazine, Clay Times magazine, and American Craft magazine.

Claudia Olds Goldie Resume