Jeffrey Collins

Jeffrey Collins

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Preface to Painting
“Painting is solely a visual experience between the viewer and that object. No title stands in the way to give the viewer a sense of what I was thinking. Thinking while making is a much higher form of thought that can’t be realized with language. I am only interested in the moment of contact between viewer and painting. I work diligently to help make that connection as clear and concise as possible. I am not interested in any societal study or conflict in my work. I am looking for something that is much deeper than that. Words cannot describe the metaphysical and spiritual experience I am trying to convey. As a result, you could say that I too, like many before me, am in search of my own sublime. A transcendence of theatricality and mediocrity.

My work of the past two years has been a development of materials. Switching from cotton canvas to acrylic yarn has given new depths to my work that will continue to be explored over this phase of my life. I explored what I could do with a standard canvas and paint methodology, now I work in much greater “depth”, using that word as a pun for the visual depth gained within my work since April 2014. Embracing the interior of painting is my way of life. To take what has been given to me by painters like Lucio Fontana, Enrico Castellani, Fabian Marcaccio, Robert Ryman, Yves Klein, Barnett Newman, and Brice Marden. To embrace my individuality that branches off from them, a melting pot of methods and tastes grounds my need to bring these influences together under my own authenticity.” – Jeffrey Collins

Exhibition History:
2017 – Group Abstract Exhibition Featuring Darryl Hughto, Susan Roth, Jeffrey Collins, Elise Wagner; Frederick Holmes And Company – Gallery of Modern & Contemporary Art, Seattle, WA
2016 – FICTION (with only daylight between us) A Traveling Exhibition; Heidelberg, Germany
2016 – TENSION, Solo Exhibition Curated by Jeffrey Cortland Jones; Divisible/Corridor Gallery, Dayton, OH
2016 – FICTION (with only daylight between us), Divisible/Corridor Gallery, Curated by Jeffrey Cortland Jones
2015 – Sideshow Nation 3, Sideshow Gallery, New York, NY
2014 – Elk Paintings, Tamaqua Cultural Arts Center, Tamaqua, PA
2014 – “Materialists”, The Painting Center, New York, NY
2014 – Sideshow Nation II At The Alamo, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2013/2014 – Group Show, Marcia Evans Gallery, Columbus, OH
2013 – Sideshow Nation, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2013 – Marc Ross & Jeffrey Collins, Marcia Evans Gallery, Columbus, OH
2011 – Group Exhibition, Marcia Evans Gallery, Columbus, OH
2008/2009 – Solo Exhibition, Worthington Arts Council, Worthington, OH
2004 – Jeffrey Collins Paintings, Studio ASH, Columbus, OH

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