John Avendano

John Avendano

John Avendano was born in Arleta, California in 1959. His mother painted and his brothers drew, and so from an early age he has been a focused artist. Over the course of his professional career, he’s developed a mastery of sculpture, painting, drawing, and printmaking.

For several years Avendano worked under Hal Reed. Hal learned his techniques by studying under Nicolai Fechen and by working at Walt Disney Studios in Los Angeles. He was Hal Reed’s assistant for five years at the Art League of Los Angeles while perfecting his skill of color theory, composition and anatomy. Later, he taught art at the Art League and at several elementary schools in the L.A. area.

In 1983 Avendano sold everything he had and left for Paris to study art. He painted, studied and traveled as much as he could while working part-time. He wound up staying in France for three years before returning home.

On his return to California, he was introduced to Mr. John Kerr, who, among other things, was a photographer and collector of art. John Kerr owned a large piece of property previously owned by Cecil de Mille that was quite rundown. Mr. Kerr, being so impressed by John and his artistic creations, gave him a place to stay on his property in exchange for pieces of art. This was a pivotal time in terms of Avendanodeveloping his-own personal style. He started out copying as many artists as he could, referring to this as, “deliberate practice.” “You copy to learn, you copy what you like and you continue until more of yourself comes out. Deliberate practice absorbs you and gives direction to your work.” He also refers to this technique as “synthetic and artistic”. meaning you take a concept that exists and make it into something new which then becomes an artistic original.

When Avendano left California he was averaging three shows a month, often as a solo artist. He sold over 250 paintings and left large commissioned sculptures in several communities that are archived at the Smithsonian Institute and the Getty Museum.

In his thirties and forties he traveled several times back to South of France, then expanded his travels to Galapagos Island, Fiji Islands, and Tahitian Island. New culture, music and foods broadened his influences and was expressed in this paintings.

His work is deeply influenced by 20th century European Modern and American Abstract Expressionism. Depending on the mood of the work, his palette and brushwork are sometimes flowing and romantic and at other times, passionately aggressive.

John now lives in Washington and shares his studio with his new partner and they spend most days creating and painting. This is his first exhibition with Frederick Holmes And Company – Gallery of Modern & Contemporary Art.

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