Kim Henigman Bruce

Kim Henigman Bruce

I am a conceptual artist…because, my message is more important than the medium from which it is created.

I was warned not to be seduced by any medium. And I am not, save one: beeswax. Beeswax is the glue that holds my art practice together. I am a sculptor who uses materials from distinctly different sources. By juxtaposing these materials with a beeswax or encaustic foundation I am free to manipulate, at will, until the piece finds its voice. This malleability is instrumental in my process.

Aganetha Dyck’s work had a profound effect on my formative years as an artist. Her ambiguous objects encased in beeswax proposed that art could be suggestive. I am drawn to subjective statements and open-ended interpretation which allows others to bring their own experiences to my artwork.

My work is full of visual puns, double entendre and satire. It references the dichotomy of my early life expectations to conform to a traditional woman’s role, when in fact, reality for me, was the need to be self-sufficient and support myself as an entrepreneur and business owner. These contradictions allow me to expose my private self through veiled metaphor creating objects significant beyond function. The under-laying message – the essence of my work – speaks to roles and rights of girls and women.

Kim studied fine art at The Alberta College of Art & Design and The University of Calgary from 1989 to 2002. Her formal education is in Interior Design where she received her diploma from Mount Royal University in 1977.

Kim, a native Calgarian, has been published in the New York Times in conjunction with a group show at the R & F Gallery in Kingston, N.Y. and the exhibition catalog from the Grassi Museum in Leipzig, Germany. She has also been reviewed in See Magazine, FFWD Magazine and The Gauntlet.

2014 – “Pins & Needle”
Housatonic Museum of Art, Bridgeport CO, USA

2014 – “Strong Appearance – experimental shoe design”
Grassi Museum in Germany (2013)

2011 – “Pulse: Alberta Society of Artists at 80 Years”
Triangle Gallery of Visual Arts (2011)

Her work is in the collection of the Alberta Foundations for the Arts and is privately and publicly collected throughout Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands.

Kim Bruce resides and works in the foothills of Alberta just outside the City of Calgary.

1989-2002 Fine Art studies Alberta College of Art & Design and University of Calgary

1977 Interior Design Diploma, Mount Royal University

2012 – March 3 – April 15
Negative Space – Dade Gallery, Calgary, AB

2011 – April 28 – May 28
Off the Wall – Visual Arts Alberta Assoc., Edmonton, AB

2010 – October 4 – January 3
DiverCity – Epcor Center for the Performing Arts, Calgary, AB

2009 – November 26 – December 23
Face the Figure – ArtFirm Gallery, Calgary, AB

2007 – June 9 – July 6
About Face – ArtFirm Gallery, Calgary, AB

2006 – May 12 – 25
Dips, Tychs & Polyptychs, Gallery Lacosse, Winnipeg, Manitoba

2005 – October 22 – November 10
onEdge – ArtFirm, Calgary, AB

2004 – April 1 – 30
All about Eve – Untitled Art Society, Calgary, AB

Pins & Needles, January 20 – February 20
Housatonic Museum of Art, Bridgeport CT, USA

UnDressed SCICA Gallery, Tannery Santa Cruz, CA, May 7 – Jun 29

Still Burning Burns Visual Art Society 35th Anniversary, Passage Gallery, Calgary, AB, Sept 15 – Jan 15, 2015, Colleen Sharpe – Curator

Strong appearance! – experimental shoe design

GRASSI Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Leipzig, Germany

March 28 – September 29, 2013, Catalogue

Sept 9 – Oct 30
Artists Choice, Alberta Society of Artists, Lougheed House, Calgary, AB

August 9 – September 20
Summer Survey II, Jarvis Hall Fine Art. Calgary, AB

July 7 – Aug 25
Pulse: Alberta Society of Artists at 80 Years*, Triangle Gallery of Visual Arts, Calgary, AB
Mary-Beth Laviolette Exhibition Curator

July 5 – Sept 2
Bring the Noise*, Jarvis Hall Fine Art, Calgary, AB

April 23 – May 29
Leighton Center, Juried Members Show

February 2 – March 27
ASA Gallery – Lougheed House, Calgary

March 11 – April 22
B&W – DaDe Art & Design Lab, Calgary
*Denotes Catalogue

December 8, 2010 – January 7, 2011
“New Members” – Sculptors Society of Canada, Toronto

Aug 10 – Sept 10
Sculptors Society of Canada 11 Annual Emerging Sculptors Exhibition, Toronto

January 8 – February 7
Visage – Artfirm Gallery, Calgary, 4 person show with Carl White, Robert Pierce, Laurie Steen

June 18 – July 18
Diversity – Visual Arts Alberta, Edmonton

November 27 – December 23
Seasonable Salon – Artfirm Gallery, Calgary, Alberta – Gallery Artists

July 30 – August 28
The Whyte Museum Shop, Banff, Alberta

April 8 – May 15
EyeQ – Alternate venue

July 17 – August 16
Summertide – Artfirm Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Gallery Artists

Sept 13 – Oct 4
Snap to Grid – LACDA Los Angles Center for Digital Art

June 7 – 30
Home Bodies – Profiles Public Art Gallery, St. Albert, Ab

3 person show with Bev Tosh and Elizabeth Clark

July 25 -Aug 31
Summertide – Artfirm Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Gallery Artists

Nov 22 -Dec 31
A Seasonal Salon -Artfirm Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, Gallery Artists

Dec 2 to Jan 27
Give & Take, The Gallery at R & F, Kingston, New York

4 person show with Valerie Hammond, Judith Kindler & John Maul

May 25 – June 17
Taking Liberties, Harcourt House Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta

Jan 20 – Feb 10
Articulate – Artfirm in conjunction with The Triangle Gallery Winter Art Stroll, Calgary

December 1 – January 30
Flux – Art Ark Gallery, Kelowna, B.C.

November 4 –27
Mixed Bag – Arts on Atlantic, Calgary, Alberta

Jan 20-22
A Mystery of Flesh (Figuratively Speaking) – Untitled Art Society in conjunction with the Triangle Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

November 19
The Anonymous Art Event – Art Firm, Calgary, Alberta

November 4 – 6, 2004 to 2008
The Studio – Triangle Gallery, Calgary

July 8 – Aug 27
Taking Liberties – Red Deer and District Allied Arts Council, Red Deer, Ab

May 22 – July 10
Clear Cut: the under story – Bowman Center, Lethbridge, Alberta

Oct 3 – Nov 21
Clear Cut: the under story – Red Deer Museum, Red Deer, Alberta

January 15 – March 13
MiniArture* – Triangle Gallery, Calgary, Alberta
*Denotes Catalogue

October 10-23
Tactile, Artspace, Calgary, Alberta

June 20 –Sept 2
Summer Salon Show, Garrison Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

August 1-31
Urban Dialects, Artspace, Calgary, Alberta

January 3 – 21
Open Windows, Devonian Art Gallery, Untitled Art Society, Calgary, Alberta

Disposition, The Point of Art, Calgary, Alberta, Sept 27 – Oct 17 two person show with Susan Whyte

Parallel Lines*, Leighton Centre, Burns Visual Arts Society, Calgary, Alberta

November 4 – 17 (juried)
*Denotes Catalogue

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Alberta Foundation for the Arts – Art Production Grant 2012

The Alberta Foundations for the Arts

GRASSI Museum für Angewandte Kunst

Private Collections, Canada, Australia, Netherlands

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