Michael Caci

Michael Caci

“The corrida is a microcosm of collective judgments- of beauty and carnage, self interest and survival, fear, voyeurism, pageantry, and colonialism. Embedded in the event’s history is a diffuse story: of an evolving cultural tradition and, perhaps, its slow death. Ernest Hemingway’s book “Death in the Afternoon”, the title referring to the deaths of both matador and bull, portends the demise of an ancient tradition. We are living in a time of violent cultural change where traditions fade away.

Tremendous social unrest against the corrida has emerged in recent years, beginning in Spain, and traveling to Mexico, Venezuela, as well as other countries, protesting the cruelty to the bull. At the heart of this political and social conflict is a social retooling of personal identity within a global digital environment- an evolution of the collective consciousness which can be sweet and dangerous much like the pageantry of the corrida.” – Michael Caci

Michael Caci is a Seattle based artist. Born and raised in upstate New York, he began developing his artistic interests behind a camera. In Seattle he began painting and printmaking. In recent years he’s combined these mediums into a collage based process reflecting his interests in science, cognition and mythology. Recently, a series of large-scale works have emerged from his studio, “God of the Ring-Made Man”, comprised of multiple layers of digital photography, transparent films, oil and/or acrylic on canvas, handmade papers, and resin, mounted on panel.

Michael’s art has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and cultural centers, including the Schneider Museum of Art of Southern Oregon University in Ashland, the Ceres Gallery in New York City, Expressions Gallery in Berkeley, California, the Gary Manuel Gallery in Seattle, the Clara Hatton Gallery of Colorado State University in Fort Collins, and the WRO Billboards Project in Berlin. His work is in private and corporate collections, including the Marriott Waterfront Hotel in Seattle.

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