Naoko Morisawa

Naoko Morisawa

Wood is an important component in my art. The life of a tree and the energy in each grain of wood are why I use wood.
My artwork is hand-made of thousands of very small slices of natural and oil-dyed (wood) chips on board. I like to incorporate the patterns in the wood and enhance them with oil-stain. The variety of wood grain is very beautiful and the pattern is never the same. The combinations of natural and oil-stained grains create interesting shadows and impressions. My imagery comes from common items: a cupcake, shoes, a wave, and waterfalls etc.

When seen from a distance, my artwork looks like a painting. The details of the work and mosaic technique slowly emerge when viewer comes closer. Look closely and see the vibrancy and movements of the wood patterns. By using wood mosaic I can show the life and energy. I can talk about life and the energetic atoms inside the shoes, wave or waterfalls with my tiny wood slices.

I make art that is natural, playful and lifts people’s spirits. But I also want my artwork to be about myself, like a diary. Each piece is created with the care one would use writing a letter to a loved one or friend.

Naoko Morisawa

Naoko Morisawa, born in Tokyo, raised in Yokohoma, Japan and now residing in Seattle, received her BA in Design and Ceramics from Tama Art University, Tokyo. Her wood and/or paper mosaics are contemporary updates of the traditional art of Japanese wood mosaic, “yosegi”, popular in Japan’s Edo Period (1615-1868). Drawing inspiration from this ancient cultural history, her hand-crafted mosaics -meticulously composed of hand-cut wood and/or paper, and stained in brilliant, complimentary hues – reflect the spirit of Edo Japonism; Noh and Kabuki theater; ukiyo-e; the traditions of Kimono designs; forms found in nature; as well as more personal, even whimsical subjects. Her mosaics have been featured in Studio Visit Magazine Volumes 19, 20, 28 and 30; the Cover of 2016 Art Voices Magazine (Winter 2016 Edition) and several other international publications published in Tokyo, London, Dublin, Athens, Greece and New York.

Regional exhibitions include Seattle Art Museum Gallery; Northwind Art Center Gallery, Port Townsend, WA; (Best of the Show, Special Award, Merit Award, and People’s Choice Award); Nordstrom Corporate Gallery; Edmonds Public Library, Edmonds Art Festival, Lynnwood Convention Center, Tashiro Kaplan Building, Seattle; Sammamish City Hall, Chase Gallery, Spokane, WA; Whatcom Museum,Bellingham, WA; Wing Luke Musueum, Seattle; White River Valley Museum, Auburn, WA; Harbor History Museum, Gig Harbor, WA; Center On Contemporary Art (CoCA)/ Seattle, and many others.

International exhibitions include FCA Gallery Vancouver-BC Canada; The Contemporary Museums and Galleries in Ginza, Aoyama, Kobe, Kawasaki, Yokohama and Tokyo, Japan; and Dublin Biennnial International 2014 Gallery in Ireland.

Nationally, she’s participated in juried shows throughout the US.

Ms. Morisawa has twice been awarded Puffin Foundation Artist Grant, and was selected as a finalist for 2014 Kalos Foundation Visual Art Prize, and the Art Kudos Annual International Juried Competitions.
She’s received an Honorable Mention Award from London International Creative Competition.

Over the last year her work has been selected for the City of Seattle Public Gallery Exhibition at Municipal Tower Building, the Roma Art International Biennale 2015 and Florence Biennale International 2015.

Naoko Morisawa is an extraordinary artist who best defines the gallery’s aesthetic standard of “Skill and Imagination in Equal Measure”.
Frederick Holmes And Company is the exclusive gallery dealer for Naoko Morisawa throughout the Northwest.

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