Tyler Burton

Tyler Burton

The concept of my recent work is about belief systems and how they affect us. Our lives our constantly regulated by belief systems ingrained in us since birth or imposed on us by the societies we live in, and our whole existence is built upon what we believe. Mystics have long since told us ‘it is done unto us as we believe.

Using clay as my primary sculptural material, I add binding metals and burnt word to express this concept. Hundreds of copper nails pounded into the wood express hundreds of beliefs or as one piece is titled, ‘A Thousand Reasons’.

Growing up in California, I know that my love of the outdoors, the ocean, the mountains and deserts have inspired and permeated my work. I enjoy spending hours on a beach looking at rocks, as well as taking Los Angeles alley walks collecting industrial cast aways. I am inspired by hiking, cycling and yoga, African Tribal Art, simplified figures of early Mediterranean culture and the poets Rumi and Mary Oliver. I live in Los Angeles with my husband, two kids, a wolfhound and a hedgehog.

Working in collaboration with my sister, Jane Burton, for the first time, we created an installation titled “Selective Memory,” comprised of more than 1,200 hanging white porcelain rocks layered over scores of ancestral faces. The 12’H x 7’L x 3’D piece reflects on family ties, perceived family memories, as well as a realization that we are all a fragment of a larger whole.

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